Decorate Your Landscape With Solar Outdoor Lighting

When you hear the phrase “outdoor solar landscape lighting, ” what comes to mind? Some people think of solar lights as being some type of rod light, floodlight, streetlight, or garage door light. Though it is valid that solar lights do include these types of lighting fixtures, there have been, many more than that. Recent advances in solar technology have greatly expanded the kinds of outdoor قیمت چراغ خطی lighting products that are currently out there.

Solar Lighting is Energy Efficient and Cost effective

This makes it a perfect alternative to a 120-volt system that must be installed by an electrician or lighting technician. Solar lights do not require the use of external cables and transformers because they are powered by the energy of the sun.

The sun’s rays are collected by small solar cell panels attached to the lights, which is became electricity and stored in batteries to power the lighting fixtures at night. It is a self-generating power supply, which enable the lights to be used in many areas where it would have otherwise been too expensive or impractical.

Installing solar powered lights is a terrific Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project for the homeowner who wants to reduce energy costs and put some money aside. Installing is simple and easy. A small project of a few lights could be applied and be ready to used in an hour or so. If this kind of project sounds interesting to you, here are some great solar lighting ideas you can easily do yourself that will bring your outdoor areas to brilliant life at night.

Solar Post Lights

Post lights are a decent choice for larger areas that need good illumination, but need a bit less than the brilliance that comes from floodlights. Post lights fit nicely for driveways, patios, porches, decks, and front and back yards. They come in a wide range of decorative styles and colors, rendering it a breeze to find one that can be with the design of your home. Long lasting style you are looking for, be it modern, vintage, or somewhere in between, solar post lights are sure to add a stylish style to your home

Solar Post Cap Lights

Solar post cap lights are decorative and functional light lighting fixtures that are used to top posts on decorative fence, walls, and entry gates. A post cap light becomes an attractive file format of the wall and gate that enhances the existing design rather than detracting from it.

Solar Deck Lights

Decks are great venues for parties, barbeques, and other outdoor activities, but when it gets dark, you will need to turn on the lights to continue the fun, and reduce the safety for you and your guests. Most decks are elevated a few feet off the ground, so lighting the deck for night use is a no brainer from a safety perspective. Putting deck lights along the deck’s stair treads is also a great way to add ambient lighting to the area.

Solar Deck Lights

A deck light provides illumination for those occasions when guests come to visit, as well as adding an original decorative touch to your home. For example, putting a custom deck light by your doorway is an inexpensive yet effective way to separate and customize the entryway.

A deck light also brings about some safety benefits. When someone rings your doorbell at night when it is dark, you can flip on the deck light and look through the peephole to see who is there. In addition to improving visibility at night, the deck light may also act as a deterrent to a prankster or burglar who is up to no good and hopes that no one will respond.

Solar Fairy Lights

For temporary lighting purposes, ecstatic occasions, parties, apartment tenants and renters, solar fairy lights are a great option. They are a temporary lighting arrangement that adds a lot of charm and warmth to any patio, deck, deck, or deck. Solar fairy lights come in many different colors, including red, pink, blue, green, clear, and assorted colors.

Suspended Solar Lights

Suspended solar lights are used for more than just swimming pool features. They can be set practically any water feature deep enough to accommodate the size and weight of the lights, such as ponds, fountains, and birdbaths. Use them as a decoration for your outdoor party table or buffet. Fill an attractive bowl or urn with water, and add the suspended lights. Match your event’s color scheme by putting a couple of lowers of food coloring in the water. This is an inexpensive yet effective way to add a touch of ambient lighting to your ecstatic event.

Solar Step Lights

For evening safety and decorative appeal, add solar step lights to your deck or outside stairway. This low-level lighting is less intrusive than would be floodlights or rod lights, yet provides enough lighting for people to find their footing on the steps in even the darkest evening. It is similar in function to the aisle lights in movie theaters, which provides the light for moviegoers to find their way to their seats in the discolored room.

Solar Accent Lights

Well-placed outdoor solar accent lights can create a direct impact that is both subtle and dramatic. Accent lighting can highlight distinctive features, direct awareness of unique ornamental plants, and provide functional lighting for garden paths, sidewalks, and driveways. Garden statuary, specimen bushes, shrubs, and decorative masonry or are just a few of the many features that accent lights can enhance and bring one’s.

Solar Floodlights

Solar floodlights are a sure way to flaunt any home with great architectural features or landscaping. These lighting fixtures make it easy to create a center point of light for any landscape feature in your yard or garden. Because they are bright, and enhance visibility for a hundred feet or more, floodlights also reduce the security of the home. Before installing floodlights, check with your homeowner’s association rules to see if there are any polices or guidelines on the types of lights and wattage that is allowed.

Solar Walkway Lights

There are numerous different styles and height of solar path lights. If there are many low growing shrubs and flowers that border your garden walkway, lighting fixtures that are 1 to 2 feet tall could be sufficient. When the plants are older than 2 feet however, you may want to use a longer length light fixture that illuminates the trail and the plants. Should your landscape already have rod lights or other light lighting fixtures nearby, consider installing ground level lights, which includes fixture types such as well lights, thread lights, stepping stone lights, and solar tile lights.

Solar Rock Lights

Solar rock lights provide a good alternative to many of the more traditional methods of lighting fixtures. They are similar in features to most of the other kind of solar accent lights, but are distinctive in their unique design. Because they look like rocks, they can easily blend in to backyards with a natural design. Use rock lights in places where you might use a traditional accent light, without drawing awareness of the lighting fixture itself.

Birdwatcher garden lights are a good way to complement a lighting layout that includes unique or artistic features such as statuary, fountains, wishing wells, and so forth. To keep the birdwatcher finish shiny and like new, you can protect it from the elements with a coat of clear lacquer. If however you want the birdwatcher to achieve a weathered, natural appearance, just leave it as is and let the forces of nature take its course. Over time exposed to sun and rain, the finish will eventually turn into a blue-green “verdigris” sheen that has an elegant and vintage appeal.

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