A self storage network is a small grouping self storage professionals and companies who come together by having a website to better organize their advertising and their reach. You thus have a number of companies that cater to storage, transportation, insurance and all other issues with self storage, easy to get at on a single platform. Thus whatever your needs may be, you can find an storage expert to consult with and also compare pricing and facilities across different companies.

Many self storage networks also have blogs, photo libraries, classified, polls, boards and chat options for you to search. All these are mobilized by the members themselves who are professionals or owners of some of the best self storage companies in the united states. But you don’t necessarily need to be a self storage professional to join up to. Just being interested in the field will do for you to value the constant dialogue taking place, which keeps you informed of the latest developments in storage. And if you are in the business knowing about your rivals is probably the best way to take your company to higher numbers of excellence.

For Storage Professionals

These self storage networks give storage professionals the chance to connect with others from the same field across the united states. With features like blogs and boards, there are many avenues to discuss issues like problems faced face to face, experiences in the field and with customers, and even new investment strategies. And apart from being just about business, these sites are also social networking platforms that allow like minded people to connect based on their common interests and likes and dislikes. If you’re a storage professional whoever company is having an interesting speaker over to talk about effective sales techniques, you can post it online and invite members from other locations to come and visit. And if you are having a party to celebrate a sales target you just achieved, even an event like this can merit mention on the site.

For Customers

Visiting a self storage network has its benefits for customers as well. It serves as online classifieds which are better to search as they can be sorted in terms of location and specialization. So if you are looking for a company that provides outdoor car storage in Kansas, in just a few clicks you can have at your disposal the entire list of members who provide those facilities. This will however be limited to only those who are registered members. But you can still access a lot of information about the company and its experts by having a networking site than you would get from the company website. Here you would be able to look at the blog entries of the staff, the social events the company organizes, their employee programs etc, which will help you make an all rounded decision as to which company you should select. However, while doing this it is important to note that making a decision solely based on a company profile on a networking site is not adequate. It helps to also check their official website to ensure that you get the same vibes and information from both.

Thus, self storage networks not only help self storage professionals get acquainted with each other in an environment away from their office cubicles, but also help customers to make well grounded decisions. Since choosing a self storage unit is not only an investment but also endangering of one’s valuable belongings, it is important that there is trust and transparency on both sides. And this is just what these sites engender.

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