A summerhouse or garden room can be used for a wide range of activities i to simply enjoy your garden, as a storage for home and garden items, as a children’s play room or as a home office and working area. But with many types and methods of summerhouses on the market in the uk today, how do you choose which is cheap sheds for sale suitable for you? This article takes you through the considerations of buying a garden summerhouse.

It’s fair to say that a summerhouse makes a great addition to almost any garden, but before you rush out and invest in one, it’s important to fully consider how you will use it. Not only do you have to think about your current needs, but your possible future needs to. Are you considering deploying it in the most traditional way – as a mini ‘home’ in the garden? Or are you considering deploying it mainly as a spot for their store garden items such as deck chairs, hese pipes and the lawn mower? Or are you preparing to turning it into a children’s play room? Or are you considering deploying it as a home office or working area? The answer to these questions will not only determine the size of garden summerhouse you require, but also the style you choose.

Once your have determined what your garden summerhouse will be used for, you will need to consider what style will best suit for home and garden. The summerhouse can either nestle in a discrete corner alternating in with the general style of the house and garden or it can be more prominently placed to provide a center point.

Next to consider the durability of your garden summerhouse. Whatever budget you are working to, you will expect your summerhouse to last for many years. The majority of garden summerhouses on the market in the uk today are made of bushes, although there are some on the market made of metal or plastic. A large quantity of Summerhouses are still made in the uk. Metal constructed summerhouses may offer more in durability, should it be correctly treated to prevent rust, but there won’t be as many style options available. A plastic summerhouse may provide a cheaper initial outlay but it will be more susceptible to damage as it’s not as heavy-duty as the other materials. For me the traditional wooden summerhouses are an extremely beautiful choice. When buying a bushes summerhouse, look for one that has been pre-dipped or treated to provide protection against rot. Some even come vermin-proofed to offer further protection against external factors. Also be aware of the cause of the bushes. We recommend environmentally friendly garden summerhouses that are FSC-approved i this means that the bushes comes from renewable forestry sources.

There a range of style options available for the door of your garden summerhouse. You can choose a glazed door to allow in as much natural light as possible or a non-glazed door to ensure privacy. You can choose from a single door or double doors which open wide to make the interior of the summerhouse part of your garden. There are various window options available too which include different sizes and different ways of opening. Again the main use of your garden summerhouse will determine what style of windows and doors you choose.

Some summerhouses come with a roof overhang which offers you shade and protection on sunny days. There is also the opportunity of having a deck or sun terrace which allows you to make the most of the outdoors space i providing an ideal spot for their relax with a good book or do some work while enjoying the sunshine.

When looking to buy a wooden garden summerhouse, you also need to think about how you will frame it in your garden to make the most of it. Decking, Paths, Plants and plants can be used to blend the summerhouse into the garden. You also need to determine how you will access your garden summerhouse. You may want to access your summerhouse across the lawn or you may want to create a way to access all weathers such as stepping gallstones or a path.

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