Many countries have weathered the global economic depression well, with their real estate markets expected to remain productive in the upmarket and luxury end of the marketplace. A considerable amount of properties continue to fetch multi-million dollar sales. Increasing demand for luxury real estate in these top interior designers in Palm Beach countries is fuelling demand for homes which follow the latest trends in contemporary house styles.

Upmarket homes are the first to adapt to the latest trends in design, as well as provide leading edge features and facilities. New technologies and materials are redefining the construction of buildings from the supply side, where consumer choice for more luxurious interior and exterior designs; as well as structural and design changes to accommodate the changing patterns of modern life, are driving these trends from the demand side. For many in the market for luxury accommodation, one of the driving inspirations for the purchase of such real estate is the need to create a unique living experience.

Outdoor living areas, whether as a separate area from the house or an file format of the formal dining areas, are exhibiting to be an essential part of the modern luxury homes. The use of expansive windows which open up to extended outdoor and patio areas are exhibiting extremely popular for entertaining at your house environment. The introduction of the latest in technology into the home is an additional trend, including portable computers that automate the operation of the property, including security, entertainment, gadgets and even the boiling of hot water for the morning coffee.

The use of natural materials in the building and construction of luxury properties has expanded rapidly, with the use of real wood and stone becoming a preferred material. By utilising top quality inputs in the homes construction, the initial and long term value of the property will also be increased. With luxury homes affording more floor space than the traditional property in many countries, there are further tendencies to expand the areas of the ‘his and her’ areas of the home; with ‘man-caves’ becoming a popular place where the males can retreat and watch movies, have a beer and entertain. Increasing female specific areas, including large walk-in wardrobes, separate lounges, offices and bathrooms are also becoming normal.

If you too are in the market for luxury properties such as these, be sure to find a reputable realty agent to work with – they will know all the hot spots to check out.

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