Luton Airport parking

Luton airport is a very handy alternative to the other major London air-ports. It’s also searched by some of the major budget airlines such as EasyJet. It fits airlines which fly to the majority of international destinations and it’s really certainly easier and quicker to get to if you live in the north of the UK. However luton long stay parking time saved by picking Luton airport can all be wasted if you don’t put together your airport parking properly and in good time. There are plenty of car parks at Luton airport, based on the airport compound, off the airport and various meet and greet options and pre booking is a must to not only save money but to also know exactly where you’re going and what to do when you arrive.

There have been instances in the past where tourists have simply turned up at Luton airport and expected to park their car. Now, because there are so many car parks at Luton airport, if you did this you would be able to park OK but possibly not at the location you would prefer and certainly not at the price you would prefer. It makes so much sense to spend a little time to check out the auto parks online and get the one which really suits your needs.

So lets talk about just how you can make parking at Luton airport as easy as possible. Each option below will give you details to make your parking as easy as possible. The actual easier parking depends on your budget to some extent, so have a read and see what would be best for you.

For example you might want to save a bit of money and park off the airport. with bus transfer times a little longer, these car parks are just as secure but generally they cost a little less. Transfer times range from 10 minutes to 20 minutes, so really not too long. As far as being easy these car parks could be the least easiest simply because you have a longer transfer time, but we are only talking about an extra 10 moments or so.

Airparks at Luton airport is a typical example of off airport parking, it’s located 4 miles off the airport compound and geneva chamonix transfers take approximately 15 minutes. It has excellent security features and typically costs about £15- £30 a week less than parking on the airport.

The other option would be to park on the airport itself. This option is generally a little bit more expensive, however the transfer times to Luton airport terminal is shorter, from 5 to 10 minutes. All car parks on the actual airport compound at Luton are owned by the airport itself. some of these car parks are extremely easy to use because it’s just a matter of parking your car yourself and just walking to the airport terminal depending on which airport you’re at.

Mid Term parking is a decent example of a seriously secure car parking on the airport compound itself. It has every security feature mentioned and allows you to keep your own car keys. Geneva chamonix transfers to the passing away airport terminal at Luton airport take about 5 minutes.

The last option is the best convenient. You can choose meet and greet which allows you to yield at the departures airport terminal and have somebody park your car for you. On your return your car will be waiting for you to simply get in and drive home. Obviously such a convenience comes at a price, but it’s not a lot more than on airport parking. If you want absolutely no difficulties and the easiest way to park then meet and greet is the one to choose, you could be at check-in about 5 minutes after parking your car.

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