Safety is the priority of human beings and a natural instinct inculcated by the Almighty to living things. Progress brought a number of professions with it and to fulfill the security precautions for the vocations specific tools and clothing is designed. Gloves tend to be found in the past in the ruins and footprints found in Egypt. Since they are first made they are used for covering hands to avoid safety gloves distributor their exposure to possible harms. Mostly they are used for hygiene and to shun heat and cuts while dealing with objects. Before selecting a safety glove for a job the risk assessment of the work must be done through competent professionals.

Hands are the common bodily organs for a work and need maximum protection when they involve in dealing with materials having potential risk of damaging. There also laws which binds the employer to provide it employees with personal protection equipments during performing their job. Sense of protection at a working place improve the performance of workers. To overcome the hazards of a job in order to perform well security precautions and equipments are of key importance.

There is a range of safety gloves according to the needs of different occupations. Mittens used in the baking to pick and carry hot dishes are heat resistant. A number of materials are used to make the baking mittens. Workers of chemical industry must need safety for their most used limbs which matches requirements of the job. Chemical burns, skin irritation and sensitivity are the possible damages to the hands of chemical industry laborers. Usually PVC, plastic, neoprene, Norfoil, Nitrile, bamboo and polyvinyl alcohol materials are used to manufacture hand coverings for chemical handling. These different materials provide resistance with damages of different chemical handling. Heat resistant gloves are constructed from aluminized fabrics used in steel industry where molten metals are dealt with. Chemical resistant sleeves with gloves are also worn when the task of reloading or unloading of chemicals is completed.

There are special hand coverings for waste handling and for gardening called rigger gloves. They are specially made thick and a bit heavy. In medical field to keep hygiene, protection clothing for hands is used made of flexible material. Workers handling sharp edge equipments and articles during their job use metal mesh gloves to avoid accidents. Professional motor bike competitors and car drivers use leather gloves and other coverings for different parts of their body to lessen the injuries in case of accidents. Throw-aways gloves are used to be safe from the possibility of catching mild irritants. These are constructed of light weight unnatural plastic.

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