Town information- The historical market and cathedral town of Saint. Albans, Hertfordshire is located in eastern region of Great britain in sovereign state of britain. The area has an estimated population of 64, 038 habitants. Saint. Albans is one of the most ancient Roman settlement in Great britain, which started out as a out of the way market town and a very popular overnight pilgrimage helium balloons luton stop on approach to and from English capital, London before the the twentieth Century. The first British Christian martyr was beheaded here at approximately AD 324. Town in addition has grown in a good way popular as a filming location with well-known comedies, series and films shot on location.

Entertainment- Saint. Albans is one of the liveliest towns in terms of entertainment, events and activities you will find outside of London ranging from markets, theatres, festivals, exhibitions and concert events. Theatres’ including Maltings, Saint. Albans Abbey, Abbey and Sandpit Theatres play host to local as well as international productions on a regular basis. Art lovers will love Herfordshire Open Studios exhibitions held at over 200 individual artists’ studios.

Festivals- The annual Saint. Albans Celebration held during the months of June and Come july 1st are an utter occasion for locals and visitors alike. Over 140 events are held during 17 days of non-stop fun, catering for the whole family from young to old. The city’s history and traditions are thoroughly celebrated during Albantide Celebration with it’s super sized puppet procession.

Markets- Wednesdays and Saturdays are market days and with than 170 stalls offering fresh fruits, veggies, meats, fish, herbs, cakes, pastries and other local delicacies, not forgetting the clothing and jewellery. Traders as well as customers come from far and wide to support the vibrant market located in the city centre along Saint. Peters Street.

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