One of the hardest subjects to instruct is ancient history especially in the younger grades. This is because many students haven’t had their minds opened up to explore such things, but it is getting a bit easier thanks to Disney Shows on TV, and the Discovery Station which many kids watch at home. This is good because it gives them a basic form of reference for future school room study.

Now then, since these kids are already used to watching documentaries, or movies on such things, it makes sense to use similar study aides in teaching. Kids are more more likely to remember it, and they will better relate this information to other things they’ve learned.

The other day, I was talking to a history teacher, who taught in the eighth grade, she explained to me that the proper audio-visual tools were a necessity these days, kids need to be entertained or they lose interest. She also noted how well the kids did when they saw a documentary, when tested days later than if she gave a lecture and had them study the textbook for the test on Friday.

Okay so, what audio-visual materials would I recommend? Well, there is a great DVD which I would recommend to you if you wish to learn more about Ancient Egypt, this is DVD documentary that own, and it is quite informative. The name of this awesome presentation is:

“Ancient Egypt – 5000 Years of Magnificent Wonders” Edited by Questar with Team of Historians, production folks, and scholars; Published by Questar, Chicago IL, (2006), 1: 08 hours, ASIN: B000FS2W8K.

This DVD holds information on the 10 greatest wonders of Ancient Egypt plus two great documentaries extra features; one on Cleopatra, and another on the Secrets of Tutankamen. Learning about the Pyramids, ancient rulers, and the burial chambers is quite fascinating. Bejesus, personally I enjoyed it in a good way, and realize I am 40 years old.

Parents teaching at home would also be wise to take notes on this recommendation. This entire presentation was akin to any of the top 10 discovery station sectors on History Station. Best of all right now with all the situation in Egypt, it is a hot topic in the news, and thus, what safer to time to consider picking up this DVD or the entire set on ancient history in the region? After all the pyramids are still there today, and probably will be for 1, 000s of more years. There are not many of mankind’s buildings or infrastructures that will be able to claim that. Please consider all this.

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