Nightlife, as an industry, was inspired the creation of in the club culture of New york. The Big Apple’s restaurants and mega-clubs have evolved into national, and in some cases global, juggernauts with multiple brands in major party destinations like Nevada, Miami, and New york. Sin city nightlife in particular has undergone a striking transformation from simply casino-centric entertainment 베트남 KTV to a lifestyle entertainment mecca of dining, drinking, and dancing. The biggest names in nightlife include China Grill Management, Light Group, Tao Group, and the Gerber Group.

China Grill Management, owned by nightlife impresario Jeffrey Chodorow, runs the Gansevoort Roof Deck, Provocateur in the Meatpacking Location, and dozens of hotel restaurants and lounges across the nation. The Asia de Cuba restaurant concept has locations in New york, Miami, and London, making CGM a global goliath. Chodorow reportedly raked in revenue of $200 million in 2009.

Andrew Sasson, owner of Light Group, started out running the Jet Sofa in SoHo; expanded Jet to the legendary Hamptons outpost Jet East; and opened its Sin city club at the Mirage in 2005. Sasson also owns Bank, Haze, the Deuce Sofa, and the Gold Sofa, a partnership with legendary Sin city act Cirque de Soleil. In 2009 Sasson opened five properties in the groundbreaking CityCenter development in Sin city, and in fact, the Caramel Restaurant and Sofa in Dubai. Light Group operates 16 venues with $160 million.

Marc Packer and Rich Wolf are the major partners of Tao Group, which has grown from a handful of New york cafes like Tao NEW YORK and French restaurant Rue 57 to now include Nevada clubs and casinos Tao, Lavo, and Marquee. Packer and Wolf partnered with Noah Tepperbergand Jer Strauss of Suite 16 and Marquee NEW YORK to bring the clubs to the Sin city nightlife scene. Tao is now the highest grossing restaurant in the world, with revenues hitting $60 million at the Nevada club alone.

The Gerber Group is run by Cindy Crawford’s husband, Rande Gerber, who has made a fortune from creating chic hotel bars, the most notable for the W Hotel. His brands are the Bourbon, Bourbon Blue, Living room, and Stone Rose Sofa. The Gerber Group operates twenty-three concepts in Atlanta, Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Los angeles, New Orleans, New york city, Scottsdale, and Santiago, Chile, and plans to open more properties in New york, Rome, San francisco bay area, and Toronto in 2012.

Clearly the nightlife industry has appreciated globalization to build brands across the nation and the world. The continued success of the aforementioned nightlife impresarios will be largely dependent on their power to create concepts that can withstand the current rocky economic climate. Often see this trend of national and overseas expansion continue. Clubs and casinos are just another sequence to go global, a la McDonalds… Coming to a city near you, the McClub.

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